Revitalizing underserved
communities by empowering residents and
connecting them to resources.

Revitalizing underserved communities by empowering residents.

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What We Do

Putting the ‘neighbor’ back in neighborhoods.

When it comes to revitalizing underserved neighborhoods, external intervention rarely works. For real change to happen, the spark must come from within. Residents must be empowered, inspired, and motivated to work together to revitalize their communities and improve their lives. Then, and only then, does real, lasting change happen.

We have boots on the ground. We're investing our time, energy, intellectual capital, and money. We are determined to help our neighbors join together to revitalize their neighborhoods and build healthy, sustainable communities. Along with our partners, we are working to end the cycle of violence, substance abuse, poverty, and blight for our most vulnerable residents.

Renew Birmingham is a faith-based collective impact organization currently focusing on the Ensley neighborhood with strategic plans to extend our reach throughout the Greater Birmingham area.

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Ways We Help

Providing the help people need.

At Renew Birmingham, we’re not in this to provide a few programs and move the needle a little bit. We’re here to make lasting cultural change. We want to change the way our neighbors think about themselves, their community, and their futures. We want them to embrace self-determination and realize that working together, they can revitalize their neighborhoods and look toward a brighter, healthier tomorrow.

  • Housing

    Educating existing home owners and encouraging and facilitating new home ownership.

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  • Adult Education & Workforce Development

    Giving unemployed and underemployed individuals the skills and assistance they need to have a second chance at succeeding in the workforce.

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  • Job Opportunities & Transportation

    Assistance in finding jobs and addressing transportation needs that are often a barrier for many individuals to obtain and retain meaningful, rewarding employment.

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  • Youth Education Services

    Providing wraparound and mentoring services to help children overcome trauma, build meaningful relationships, avoid mistakes, and prepare for a promising future.

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  • Community Health & Wellness

    Connecting individuals and families to affordable or free services to improve their physical and mental health and overall well-being.

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Our Partners

Our service provider partners.

We have non-profit partners that work closely with us and deliver services that communities need most. Working together, we are making a meaningful difference in Birmingham’s most challenged neighborhoods.

  • BLT
  • ELI Thrive
  • Girls Inc
  • HIM