About Us

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We are a collective-impact organization.

But what does collective-impact mean?

It means we bring people, organizations, funding sources, resource providers, local legislators, and other entities together to collectively solve problems. We believe there is no single non-profit or community organization that can adequately address the complex issues our neighborhoods face.

We must do it together, unified by a shared vision and goals.

Our Mission

To inspire community cohesion and collective efficacy among vulnerable populations through wholistic networking and social service resourcing.

We Serve

We serve as the hub of this collective.

For collective impact groups to achieve their goals, they must be well organized and coordinated. That’s the role Renew Birmingham plays. We talk to the residents, identify needs, and connect them to the right organizations to address those needs.

We drive fundraising, oversee data collection efforts, build relationships, and much, much more. Essentially, we do whatever is needed to connect people to resources and empower them to make real change in their lives and create sustainable, healthy communities.

We also — and this is extremely important — take the lead when it comes to building public will and making sure the initiative stays focused and moves forward.

Collective Hub

We Believe

We believe in accountability.

We firmly believe you can't determine your efficacy without data and tangible results. So we carefully document and monitor what services are delivered, how much they cost, and what kind of impact they make. Our partner organizations also agree to measure, monitor, and collect data so we can learn across the initiative and hold each other accountable.

We also measure our impact by five specific metrics: crime, light violence, truancy, home ownership, and blight. These numbers exist. They are real. We use them day in, day out, to fine tune our services and deliver on our promises.

Not only do we want our work to be effective, we also understand people are tired of giving to organizations and feeling like they may not see an immediate benefit from their gift.

We are Active

We are active in the community.

We are not a church, and we’re not affiliated with a specific church either. But we do believe in exposing our clients and partners to the Gospel of Words and Deeds.

What’s more, we understand the key role churches play in our neighborhoods, so we partner with many churches and utilize their facilities and personnel for job training, community meetings, and other neighborhood activities.