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We’re making cultural change that will last generations.

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For our city to move forward, we must end the cycle of violence, substance abuse, poverty, and blight for our most vulnerable residents.

At Renew Birmingham, we’re not in this to provide a few programs and move the needle a little bit. We’re here to make lasting cultural change. We want to change the way our neighbors think about themselves, their community, and their futures. We want them to embrace self-determination and realize that working together, they can revitalize their neighborhoods and look toward a brighter, healthier tomorrow.

But we need your help.

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Your community needs your support.

You might not think of west Birmingham or Ensley as your neighborhood. But, the truth is, west Birmingham and Ensley are part of the Greater Birmingham area. Even if some try to build economic and physical barriers to keep us separate, we are, ultimately, one community. Our fates are intertwined. And that means for the whole to be truly healthy, all the parts must be healthy, too. Not just a few fortunate neighborhoods. All of them. Which is why we’re not asking you to support Ensley or West Birmingham. We are asking you to support your community. The one we all share.

Because the change will make a difference in all our lives and all our futures.

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