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Our five areas of focus.

At Renew Birmingham, we are focused on empowering residents in five key areas of need and we have partners who provide services that align with these needs. Working together, we are determined to make meaningful change for the residents of Birmingham’s most challenged neighborhoods.

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Quality, affordable housing is essential for any neighborhood to thrive. To support residential housing in our communities, we provide homeowner education, down payment assistance, financial counseling, and other support services to existing and prospective homeowners. We’re also seeking partners who are willing to invest in our communities and build homes at cost, offer rent-to-own programs, and participate in other affordable housing development strategies.

Housing Partners

  • Build Up
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Adult Education and Workforce Development

Many residents in our community want to work but lack the training and skills to participate in today’s rapidly changing, high-tech workforce. We have partnered with organizations that specialize in providing adult education and workforce training to help give people a second chance to find meaningful, high-quality employment.

Adult Education and Workforce Development Partners

  • ELI Thrive
  • HIM
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Job Opportunities and Transportation

A lack of affordable, reliable transportation can minimize opportunity and pose a real challenge for those seeking employment. Again, we have established partnerships with several organizations that work with individuals and groups to solve transportation issues and open doors to more job opportunities.

Job Opportunities and Transportation Partners

  • HIM
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Youth Education Services

There’s no doubt that the school system alone isn’t giving our young people what they need to compete and succeed in life. We can provide wraparound and mentoring services that provide support, life skills training, and other essential tools these kids need. Through our partners, we also connect our children to skilled, supportive professionals who can help them address trauma, build confidence, create coping mechanisms, and simply be an adult they can trust.

Youth Education Services Partners

  • Build Up
  • Elevate Birmingham
  • Girls Inc
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Community Health and Wellness

No community or neighborhood can be healthy if the residents don’t have access to quality mental and physical healthcare. Fortunately, Birmingham has a wealth of healthcare resources available to underserved populations. At Renew Birmingham, we connect our neighbors to the free or affordable services they need to become and remain healthy.

Community Health and Wellness Partners

  • BLT
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